Tenikwa offers guests the opportunity for a close, safe encounter with the lesser cats of South Africa (African Wild Cat, Serval, Caracal), Cheetahs and Leopard, as well as Chacma baboons and penguins. Some of the more exclusive packages permit inter-action with the animals. The Tenikwa encounter is a great follow-on to a game reserve/safari experience; an opportunity to study these beautiful animals at closer quarters. Guests can stroll around our Meerkat Meander to see Meerkats and Tortoises and enjoy our indigenous waterfowl, Blue Cranes and Marabou Storks to delight bird watchers.

Tenikwa supports the upliftment of local communities through Eco tourism and is environmentally responsible. Entrance fees fund Tenikwa’s NPO Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release Programme. We are open 365 days a year, including Christmas and New Year’s Day. Amenities include a Tea Garden, Wheel-chair Friendly, Liquor license.