Your life will be changed at Jukani in the presence of 4 (Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Jaguar) of the 5 Big cats of the world. You will be entertained whilst being educated by your guide, gaining a practical understanding of conservation and the plight of Apex predators. There are 15 species of wild animals -ranging from a honey badger and caracals, to puma’s, cheetahs, jackals and Springbok.

At Jukani the focus is on conservation education and specifically the plight of large predators in captivity, in South Africa and all over the world. “Big cats” are extraordinary animals with a dangerous beauty that is both awe inspiring but also fearsome because of their power and ability to kill. However at most wildlife facilities various wildlife species and especially large predatory species are kept as a way of attracting visitors without regard for the animals’ physical and emotional needs, they are just commodities to attract visitors. The Jukani approach is one of respect for what each animal represents. All the female predator cats are on birth control, and the sanctuary is a no-touch facility.

Visiting Jukani is not just about viewing predator cats – it is also an informative experience. Our experienced and trained guides will take you on an tour of the sanctuary and introduce you to all the sanctuary inhabitants. Dictionaries define a sanctuary for animals as merely a place where animals are protected from hunting. A true sanctuary for “big cats” and other wildlife should, however, also be a place of refuge to protect them from much more than hunting and/or the petting trade.